Thursday, July 2, 2009

बातों से बातों तक

बातों से बिखरती कुछ नई बातें, उनमे से उल्हज्ती और उलझनों को सुलझाती हुई और बातें, अंगडाइयां लेती हुई सुबह-सी बातें, रात की गहराई नापती धुंधलाती बातें... युहीं बातों से बातों तक, उन सभी लम्हों को समेट कर मेरी आंखों ने इस झील के किनारे रख छोडा है..इन बातों को किनारों से उमड़ कर झील के शांत पानी पर लहराते देख रही हूँ ..उसी बातों के पानी से अपना चेहरा छूकर जब मैंने झील में झाँका तोः एक नही, दो चेहरे देखे, एक मेरा, एक तुम्हारा...


shilpi said...

hello sneha di
it was beutiful as heven
great work
keep writing


~S n E h A~ said...

thanks shilpi!

mphpt07 said...

I sometimes think that your mind flow is great as it touches all human heart.Expressing yourself in a cultural thinking which is generally missing.

I appreciate your commnad on the language and expressions

Keep it up!

sakshi said...

tht was beautiful baatein abt baatein............really awesomely framed .......

'kuch ankahe jasbato ki baatein
kuch beete ahsaso ki baatein
kuch aapki aur hamari baatein
aur baato mein chupe un rishto ki baatein'

ur admirer

mphpt07 said...

It is really an emotional piece of life.I must accept that you have command over Hindi language.Keep writting and it will give birth to a new way of expression.It will not only soothe you but also to the people who read it.

Everyday we come across many things and likely to get purturbed.What we speak or listen,it affects our daily routine.

We must accept whatever we get in a good spirit of life and we get energiged with good feeling.

God is there to take care of us and to show us the right path of life.

आकाश वर्मा said...


भावनाओं का अतिसुन्दर प्रदर्शन....!

~S n E h A~ said...

hi sakshi!!!

nice thoughts!!..n thanks so much for admiring me..i think the feeling is mutual..:)

~S n E h A~ said...

thank you pops once again for being a regular on the blog n appreciating the composition of your composition..:)

~S n E h A~ said...

hi akash!

thank you buddy..:)

sanskar said...

baatein...........kabhi faasle badhati tau kabhi faasle kam karti baatein tau fir kabhi khud hi faasle taye karaati baatein, kuch baatein meri kuch tumhaari.........

should not write so well some people might just cry :-)


~S n E h A~ said...

@ sanskar - allah kare ye baaton ka silsila chalta hi rahe...:)

love u too..

Sonia said...

wah wah dekho to zara prem panchiyo ka blogger-numa pyar :p