Tuesday, February 10, 2015

They called her rain.
She emoted every time she felt. 
In her dance she hid her madness, her sorrow, her love.
To one, it was her joy..to another, it was her whim. But she expressed, every time she was touched.  Only the earth knew.
They called her rain.

And NO BODY could ever tell her tears from her laughter. She was the ever so beautiful..RAIN!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

grief, divinity inter-linked!

Grief is a litmus test for our relationships.Certain hands extend for help.. howsoever inexplicable, It’s a tendency to expect for help during troubled times. From the trusted ones, even from the ones you once trusted!

And then there are those with godly attributes  who would emerge out of nowhere and go all out to help you. Totally inexplicable! They seem like demi-Gods and Goddesses. These are the avatars who surface suddenly and before you realise it’s them, they are already in your saviour list!

He keeps you blessed with his divinity! It is scattered secretly in various forms of life and it shines through with overpowering light whenever needed. Just like as a passerby, sometimes the flowers make you feel they are smiling at you, sometimes it’s the rain-drops cooling it out and sometimes it is a simple touch from a loved one that does the trick! Albeit you should be caught by the divinity awake and alert!