Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I think I am coming very close to knowing ‘the secret’..knowing it in the real’s one thing to read or just listen to it and admire…but it’s another to actually follow it..

If you know what ‘the secret’ is, (if u’ve gone through the link, u wld knw what I am talking about) there are chances that you too are in the same turmoil of uneasy thoughts as many others, where you sometimes just can’t help but attract negative emotions to yourself, only to later regret it..but I guess it is a matter of practice..because if u know what exactly the secret is, you will also try to know how to follow it.. i am following it and I think it works!

Just to give u an example, sometime back, one of dad’s colleagues (Geeta Mohan mam, who now is a very special person of my life and a lady I admire a lot), whom I went to meet for my research work, gave me the CD of the film…after a few days of seeing the film, when I went back to return the CD to her, I just happened to tell her that I am going to my hometown for sometime to celebrate my birthday n my mom n dad’s marriage anniversary too. Hearing that she said I’ll give you something as a gift for ur birthday. She got up and promptly took out a small murti of Gautam Buddha and handed it to me…she said this will bring you a lot of luck and happiness..the moment I took that murti in my hands, I felt very happy and greatful..i don’t know, it just appeared to me that this small murti is actually going to bring a lot of luck and happiness to my life…maybe it was because of the impact of the film I saw just a few days back…n I thought maybe this feeling will disappear after sometime…but it didn’t…i kept feeling happy for just about everything i came across and in just two days an extremely beautiful thing happened to my life…actually, LIFE itself happened to me!!..i met the man of my life…:)

But it’s even more fulfilling if u make it an on-going process…u’ve to keep practicing it to paint a colorful rainbow on this empty canvas of life..

Yes, the Law of Attraction works..only if u know how to make it work!!!

(Special thanks to my sis who keeps me awakened throughout this journey of following the law)