Monday, July 30, 2007






WE - Aga tu ayaklas ka, mahimcha samudracha pani goad jhala hota! Chamatkarach aahe nahi!
(Hey did u hear the big news! The sea water behind Mahim Dargah has turned sweet! Isn’t that a miracle!)

THEY – “chamatkar vagaire kahe nahi, tyat musaladhar pausa mole nadila pur alyamule te pani samudrat misadala. Baki kahi nahi re…”
(“ah! NO, it’s not a miracle. It’s the rains, which caused the fresh water to mix with the seawater n blah blah” )

WE – “Let’s go to the temple..Lord Ganesha is accepting the offerings of milk! Isn’t that a miracle!”

THEY – “oh c’mmon! It is possible that a political party is behind this. A similar strategy was used to propagate religion in the past. People are swayed, but only for a while. This will not last n blah blah blah….”

WE – Our life is a miracle! God is great!

THEY – Hello! Our life is the result of bio-chemical reactions n blah blah blah…

Ok. Enough. Now it’s time, we answer and they listen. Why is it so important for them, “the rationalists”, to interfere with our FAITH? Yes our FAITH. It’s what they call a false claim, superstition or whatever! But for us it’s the moment of fun. It’s what twinkles our eyes and boosts our imagination. It is what strengthens our FAITH in God. We feel better.

The temple of Deshnoke dedicated to 15th century Mystic Karniji, who is worshiped as an incarnation of Goddess Durga, promises to fulfill the dreams of many of its devotees, who drink the same milk which is drunk by the swarm of rats in the temple. We say the white rats are the reincarnation of saints and the water and milk drunk by these rats are medicines. They say, it’s unhygienic and highly questionable. In spite of hundreds visiting the temple daily, their face still frowns.

They have a scientific, political or any other rational reason to it but that’s about it. Why kill the blind faith of others if it’s not harming nyone. They know it’s not a miracle? Cool. They know the reason behind it? Supercool. But why spoil the ecstasy the others get by this apparent miracle?

The moment we start relishing these miracles, these rationalists form a panel on the news channels to weed out the irrationality and sow the seeds of scientific reasoning. And the few moments that we get to enjoy the miracle, forgetting about the bullying in office or nagging of our partners, we are told that it wasn’t a miracle at all! How rude!

We know these are illusions. But we cherish these illusions. Then again, if these illusions are in no way causing any harm, on the contrary only giving wings to our faith, why then to puncture them? Why to become earnest killjoys in the way of these cherished illusions? If we want to love our Gods and have a blind faith in Him then such a faith should be appreciated and should remain blind.

I am in no way promoting superstition. All I want to say is that I know it is very important to seek knowledge coz that is how we'll progress and ignorance is not always a bliss. But sometimes it is. Sometimes it gives pleasure to move off the track of rationality. It's a blissful state when we see something as a miracle. When we come to know the reason behind it, it breaks our illusion and we start seeing the thing as just another complexity, which can be scrutinised by science.

Science has an answer to every question. Maybe. But then in spite of having all the answers known and experienced, don’t you still feel that life is a miracle and FAITH still works?

My conclusion is –

Just keep the faith and everything will work out fine.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Long back, when I was still a school-going li’l girl, who was easily amazed by the sight of a rainbow, even if it was just a picture, peeping out of a 7th Grade text-book, I always wanted to see a rainbow in my real life.

And then the Almighty took my call and answered my desperation. One day, on my way back home from my granny’s place I saw this miraculous rainbow, all bright and vivid, shining through my car window. I couldn’t help but pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe at this wonderful sight of the Indra-dhanush. It didn’t just make my day, but my life! From then on, I always get caught in the reverie of that wonderment and voraciously wish to see that sight again, whenever it rains.

I wrote this poem in a naturally inebriated state; the one that only nature can put you into. No amount of liquor can equal it. I am happy to still be that little girl at heart.

Today I desire to break-free
And romance with the morning Sun
Dance to the chirruping of beautiful canary
And blow away the work undone..

I slide down the rainbow
And land to the dazzling clouds
Where the flowery swing awaits
Hanging from where the mystery shrouds

Pink flamingos gyrate around
As I fondly watch them gleam
I swing through the wind of freedom
And touch the sky of my dream…

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Let me reintroduce myself to those who are caught in the metrosexuality syndrome. I am, literally, an unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip. But that is such an apt definition of my predicament! Well, men have known me since they have wanted to take pride in the fact that they are men. I have crowned them by placing myself gracefully, in different designs (to suit their convenience and visual aspect) on their upper lip. I used to be the symbol of virility and male dominance in the society. But alas! Times have changed. And so have men. Just as I naturally try to spread my wings, exfoliate and look forward to live a prosperous life, I am damned.

I formed the basis of recognition in rank and regimen among the army men. And why not, they were the ones who were aware of my mighty impact on the fellow beings. And that is why they paralleled my style and variation with their hierarchy of ranks. The higher the rank the thicker and bushier I grew. At the highest ranks, I was even allowed to mate with my soul mate, the beard.

My ‘stached’ look stimulated a surge of adrenalin amongst the fairer sex and turned their cheeks to pink. My old buddies, the top hat and the monocle accompanied me in movies and melodramas and when women sighed mistily upon seeing us on the silver screen, we were all smiles.

I journeyed along the path of manhood and allowed myself to act guinea pig to my enemy, the scissors. But still I obliged those who still had faith in me. I merrily surrendered to the changing patterns of my being and adapted to the same destination.

Please! Oh please! Allow me to fall into a reverie of the years long past…………

I was made narrower; areas past the corner of the mouth were shaved. My long points curved steeply upward. Then I was called Dalí, after my master Salvador Dalí.

To give me a dramatic look, my masters fashioned me into a Fu Manchu moustache. I bungee jumped from my original comfortable destination and remained in this awkward position until it gave me severe dizzying headaches.

But I got used to it, as I got a minor concession of holding the edge of the chin. But I didn’t fail to serve my masters who got personality enhancement and got promoted from simple cowboys to reckless, impulsive and dangerous ones. They fondly called me ‘Horseshoe’.

I have been through many ups and downs, again, literally. In this roller-coaster of style and fashion I got sick and tired. I grew thinner and thinner. But to see my masters enjoying my dismal existence too, gave me a sigh of relief. They Mouthbrow-ed me.

And duh! How can I forget my mascot! The one who took me around the world. I became synonymous with aggression and dictatorship!

But in the same guise I entertained millions as I Charlie-Chaplin-ed my way into the world of silent comedy. This time I was tagged ‘Toothbrish’.

Hey! Thanks friend for listening to my past and lending a shoulder of sympathy too. But it’ll be better if I get back my throne, the upper lip. I want to live again before I die and become extinct. I am a nature's bounty after all!
Every Lover's

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Yesterday while walking past a coffee shop I overheard some ‘teenage-blabber’. Everything was fine until I heard something that always gets on my nerves. It was that mocking one liner, which has the potential of hurting the sentiments of millions of Krishna devotees, across the world. One ‘dude’ holding up on scantily dressed ‘dudettes’ around, was greeted by another group of nonchalant freaks by – “lo aagaya kanahiyya apni gopiyo ke saath” and everyone guffawed in response. I thought to stop and give them a good dose of reproof, but I knew I would be banging my head against the wall. So I thought it best to leave these ignorant souls to their destiny and move on.

They think this is a really ‘cool’ thing to say. So they don’t mind saying it often. Or to some unenlightened mortals, Krishna was the biggest and the original Casanova on the earth! So untrue! But do they really know what it is to say that? Why do people (shamefully even the elderly) who find ‘yoga’ to be the next ‘in thing’, and even those who follow it earnestly, humiliate its preacher?

Having read some aspects of Bhagwat myself, I would like to clarify some myths about the mysterious (and not mischievous) Krishna.

Myth 1 – Why is Krishna always shown surrounded by gopis?

Gopis were spell-bound with his innocent mischief, charismatic personality, and the enchanting sound of his flute and not for some ulterior motives. Many gopis were much much elder to him and wanted to be with him, just like we want to be with a beautiful child when we are wonder-struck with his charm and talent. After all why do we forget he was a God in a human body! He couldn’t have gotten away unnoticed.

Unfortunately, many movies and television serials also rely on half knowledge and catalyze false beliefs.

It is just to signify that He is the God, the lord of all individual beings (or souls). Krishna is God and Gopis are individual souls. This beautiful representation has been dwindled down disgracefully to satisfy some filthy mindsets and has been shown in poor taste.

Myth 2
– When Krishna loved Radha then why didn’t he marry her? Many people also think that Radha was Krishna’s wife.

Krishna was never married to Radha. We mostly rely on Bhagwat Purana for the biographical facts about Krishna, the yadav prince. Bhagwat does not mention any Radha as the chief paramour of Krishna. Bhagwat describes all Gopis equally in love with Krishna and Krishna loving each one alike. Radha as an individual Gopi is the creation of later poets and she is the representative of all the Gopis together.

Moreover, the love between Krishna on one hand and all other Gopis on the other was quite devoid of any physical connotations. IT WAS PURELY SPIRITUAL. It was the craving of the individual soul (atman) to get united with the Supreme soul (the parmatman).

Myth 3 Why did Krishna used to hide the clothes of Gopis while they bathed in the river? Wasn’t that an indecent prank?

Krishna was too small when he did that. And he played this prank intentionally to teach them a lesson so that they never bathe in the open without any clothes on. It was to save them from the desperate eyes of other men in the village. Their safety was Krishna’s only intention.

Myth 4 – why did Krishna had many wives?

According to Bhagwat Purana, Krishna had many wives. Eight of them were the chief queens. Most of such statements are again, symbolical or allegorical. The so-called innumerable wives (sixteen thousand, one hundered and eight) represent the devout souls aspiring to be united with the
parmatman (the Supreme Soul)

What exactly is raas-leela?

RAAS-LEELA can briefly be described as follows :

Men and women of Brij-Bhoomi (the land surrounding Gokul and Brindavan) performed a folkdance on special occasions to express their joy. Krishna participated in such dances along with other boys of the land. But he could not partner with each one of the ladies of the land, while each gopi was eager to have him as a partener. He assured them that on a particular night (the night of Sharad Purnima) there will be a special dance festival and he will dance with each and every one of the Gopis then. It is said that when the Gopis assembled for the dance on that night, each one of them had Krishna as her partner.

Now this again is an allegorical statement. It simply emphasizes the fact that each individual Gopi was so deeply devoted to Krishna that she felt as if she alone had Krishna dancing with her.

Lord Krishna came in this world with a purpose. We all have a purpose in life. But unlike us, he knew the purpose even before he was born. He was sent on this earth for enlightenment and his every action carried a deep meaning, unfathomable by an ordinary mind. He knew even before his birth that he has to finish his task within a limited time. So why then would he waste his time on ordinarily human things, when he was here for the extraordinary!

Half knowledge can be very dangerous. And when it is spitted out with impunity and self-pride, it can be disastrous! It’s like questioning the mere existence of the multitude of people, who have dedicated their entire lives following and spreading the preachings of Krishna.

If you don’t know it, don’t say it. At least you’ll be saved from its repercussions, which could range from self-mockery to facing the fury of innumerable Krishna enthusiasts. And if you really want to follow what Krishna did then how about sporting his ever-forgiving and respectful attitude towards the other fellow-beings ESPECIALLY WOMEN.

Ignorance can be bliss. But not, when you don’t try to seek knowledge at all! And for all those brazen creatures, who even after reading all this, still want to get away with their lecherous immorality in the name of God, May Krishna forgive them!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


He’s the super Bourn-vita kid! Faster than a Twin Turbo! Invisible but omnipresent! Wraps the whole world around his little finger and makes us all run in one direction…..

We wish so much we could chase him and tie him up forever; so that we stay forever young and forever in the present. We wish we could know which direction he’s running; the direction that is taking us from beginning to the end. But this notorious tot refuses to give in to the endless demands of his chasers and takes everyone for a ride.

He’s a thief! A very good one! He steals everything from right under your nose and leaves no sign of the mischief. Fathered by God, it is only when he’s gone, that we could see his omens; in the mirror, in the tears and in the new beginnings.…

It’s strange however, in spite of knowing the fact, that one day we HAVE TO lose this race to him, we run, until we’re tired, sick and dead. And it’s funny that in this wild goose chase we often forget that whatever we have earned so far, we’re going to lose that one day, TO HIM, the child of God Almighty, the ruler prince, THE TIME; and still we condemn, we deplore, we compare and complain…What an irony of destiny!!

Sajan re jooth mat bolo khuda ke paas jana hai,
Na haathi hai na ghoda hai, waha paidal hi jana hai..


He spares no one. Not even the richest and the humblest. So no matter how wealthy or how popular you are, don’t try to stop him. He won’t listen, as everyone is equal in his eyes. If he won’t listen to you he won’t even listen to the pleadings of a dying millionaire….

Don’t befool yourself by mocking others with what you have; you’re as much a target in his eyes as anybody else. Just run and enjoy the journey!

He’s the super Bourn-vita kid! Faster than a Twin Turbo! Invisible but omnipresent! Wraps the whole world around his little finger and makes us all run in one direction – towards the inevitable end game of life…

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


"That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, the happy highways where I went and cannot come again." - A. E. Housman

Remembering the masti-filled days of college, this one is the MAKING of our news bulletin called NEW HORIZON(a very hard-won title)in both hindi n eng...the first official video project we handled as media amateurs...still managed to submit on time...

In spite of all the differences of opinion, regarding presentation, script, news items’ priority, and even the name of the bulletin, we stood united and never let each others’ suggestions turn into domineering statements.

The credit goes to all four of us, for it is always the team work that counts at the end of the day!

I would like to clarify that though we did a lot of goof-ups here but we have grown both as individuals and media professionals.

This video is a reminder of the cherished college days and is a dedication to all those college pass-outs who are sagging in nostalgia.

Let’s consider this a virtual reunion of memories and promise ourselves that –

As we go our sordid separate ways,
We shall ne'er forget thee, thou golden college days.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Thinking of trying your luck in one of those lame games of talent hunts? Now as you pull-up your socks, don’t forget to gather your armor and other artillery weapons also, for a fierce battle of proving self-superiority is awaiting your already vacillatory arrival. This is not for the wishy-washy kinds. Even if you are a brave heart and as you stand at the centre-stage, sweating and collecting yourself, you better watch out; as you could be attacked anytime by the sword of the tongue, unleashed, like it’s ready to run for your blood!

Talent hunts have literally become the MAHAYUDH of recent times, given the fact that they sire a situation wherein the contestant/participant is forced to encounter a do or die circumstance. In the name of publicity gimmick, the judges don’t mind mouthing a few tear-jerking comments targeted straight to the psychology and self-respect of the poor contestant. Whoever gave these self-proclaimed MUSIC GODS, the license to inhumanity?

They give wings to the dreams of an element of anonymity and then brutally cut those wings in front of millions. Wouldn’t it be better to deselect them in the audition round/prelims itself if they were so very bad?? At least this will spare them from adopting an ostrich-like approach of hiding their faces in the sand when trying to take in the sympathy-prone, scornful or mortifying public glare.

The hurt caused psychologically could be worse than any physical pain. Is any one of THE JUDGES listening?