Sunday, August 3, 2008

On this Friendship day....

i finally bid goodbye to Mumbai…I never liked the city..i hated the humidity, the crowd, the incessant chasing of dreams by thirsty souls…quite paradoxically, this place has taken a lot out of me but has yet given me so much..there is a certain bond that I developed with this place in just a few months. I feel desolated to leave it..i left my friends and family behind in Indore (especially my mom..i have never stayed away from her for so long..) to make it big in Bombay..but I am not going empty handed..i succeeded in making even a bigger bond of friendship nevertheless, with some amazing people has come a full circle for me…:)

Divya, earlier a FOAF, now, an extremely good friend of mine, has been an inspiration..her talent of dealing with people and the power of convincing others is worth watching..i somehow have a lot of ego hassles which come in my way of handling individuals..good I didn’t become a Human Resource Manager or something…big beal! Anyways, I’ll miss her a lot and i’ll miss her scolding while stopping me from buying nonsense stuff for myself ..juz like my mom.. she knows better what looks good on rarely happens that I strike a chord with someone in such a short time…with all the potential to become a good director, I wish her all d luck in life..

Anant sir…ahem…my senior in EMRC and now a director and finally a friend.. Short-tempered..(I am scared of him on the sets as he’s totally a different person there)…but I’ll miss him for he’s always been very caring towards me..gave me work wen I was searching for some…I gave many auditions, but did not get any response..chote-level per hi sahi, but he kick-started my career..i’ll always be thankful to him for that and who knows maybe if I become a big star tomorrow, then maybe I can consider thanking him in one of my Oscar acceptance speeches!..:)..:)..i’ll also miss his cute habit of miss pronouncing certain words like calling one of the assistants “Santose” (in stead of “Santosh”)..n shouting his name like that without realizing it while walking across the sets..

i'll miss these guys..

that apart, I promise to myself that this is not the end of the road..i am not leaving my career and no way I am giving up..this beginning will continue without a break..:)