Thursday, January 17, 2008

while flipping through the pages of a magzine i came across a very interesting fact. here's quoting it for u...

"i almost walked into a web, in the centre of which sat the Black Widow, actually our Indian version of it, the Gaint Wood spider that kills its tiny mate, after they have mated, interesting that, the male, nothing more than a disposable sperm. The Gaint Wood spider is a radical feministt, (Sneha says - so untrue!It's juz vice versa.yeah, u got it - the writer was a male.),the proverbial Black Widow devouring up its mate - a tiny orange creature - after they have mated. why? yet another mystery of nature."

i was wondering what would have happened if this was the case with the human beings...the FIR lodgings would have been reduced by 70%, talks of 'Female Chauvinism' would be rife and males would be sexually objectified..but i guess the industry which wouldn't be affected much is our Bollywood...there would be redefining of roles (genders) in films, item songs would still be there, casting couch would still be present and bombshells would still be predominant; the only difference being...they'll be orange in color..:)

San Diego Conference

Friday, January 11, 2008

On my trip back from Jaiselmer to Jodhpur, for a video shoot, we visited a small school of a scattered village with very few huts here and there. The arrival of our jeep itself marked the rush of school kids towards us and then in a jiffy we were surrounded by innocent nestlings dressed shabbily in unwashed clothes with flowing nose. Behind the dusty faces, a second look on them, could narrate the story of their lives. They greeted us with a noisy "Gori didi" and asked surprisingly for things like shampoo, pen etc. insted of money or water or food..Looking at them it was surprising to accept their demands. I guess as many foreigners visit these places, they distribute such expensive gifts, so maybe these kiddies are used to it. On further prodding we came to know that these kids have the will to study but the lack of facilities is marring their dreams like anything.

The experience was momentous but rare. After all, it's not everyday that you feel so special.

I journeyed through the cascades
To reach a certain goal
But the goal was just the beginning
I donned another role

It seemed like ever-changing
My new, refined self
Quite soon I did realise
That life's a journey itself

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A dream husband

Sounds good? But a dream is a dream and especially this one, which seems self-contradictory to claim its presence in reality. This discussion reminds me of amol palekar’s paheli, which addresses a very deep-rooted expectation of every woman in the world – the love and attention of her husband, no matter how old she grows. Where in the film, the reality and the dream have been juxtaposed leaving it for the destiny to make a choice between the two, the real life leaves less scope for any such choices.

When in LA, I saw an old couple walk hand in hand, the husband whispering some words in his partner’s ears and the old lady blushing constantly. I don’t know what it takes to keep candle of love alive in the hearts after many years of being together, but I guess it’s on the part of the lady to completely understand the fact that a fictive reality it just a fictive reality and no body including herself is perfect. A husband who constantly thinks of her and loves every moment of being with her is something which cannot happen. It’s only when we, the ladies, understand that this fairytale is just that – a fairytale, that we would be able to make the relationships survive the test of time. Yes, we need to grow up!