Sunday, June 7, 2009

my previous post and the responses it gathered, egged me on to post some insights regarding the facts of being balanced and at the same time being creative..

our creative geniuses like Eienstien, Shakespear and others were highly balanced individuals!!

Eienstien himself stated once -

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”..and it was this attitude of his of always being on the move to keep his BALANCE working, that made him what he's known for..

in a management training program called "a balanced mind" that i was a part of, it was taught that a fully active and balanced brain adds energy and creativity to the individual, which is a necessary ingridient of a successful leader and that only a balanced mind can think of some creative or rational solution to a given problem.


mphpt07 said...

Creativity with balanced mind though desirable,may not always create a thing which is extraordinary and eye catching.If you look into autobiography of all those winners,their life was most imbalanced.Dedication to the field you like itself creats imbalance in life as you can not be mechanical in doing something.

Always you have to cross the borders for your goal.

But then,yes,we should not gain something at heavy cost.Life should be normal with up and down,like a biker who travels on a road with all difficulties.

Akash Verma said...

Dear SnEhA..

I appreciate your meticulous googling on Balanced minds & creativity....infact, I did agree in my trailing comment, that, to be balanced is the best feature one could imagine to be creative....however I further elaborated that creativity is the resultant of many ubalances only....please do not carried away by the literal meaning of it....rather please try to undertsand the micro nature of my statement. Creativity is nothing but thinking letrally or differently.. it is something like a circle....that looks a circle to the whole world but when looked under a microscope, is nothing but a combination of many statight lines which are too small to be conisdered as straight lines....hope I am able to convey my concept about the creativity & the balanced minds....! Infact, I love creativity but I dont consider my self to be very balanced...Gosh! sometimes...I too get angry!

It was nice to note about your meeting with cine-intellectual Shyam Benegel..!

All the best

Shilpa said...

I came across your idea about creativity out of balance. To achieve balance one needs to be centered rather than being constantly on the move. The prerequisite for balance is staying centered constantly whether static or in motion.
Creativity is the seed which shoots forth when nurtured with soul and centered love.

I appreciate your creativity. You are very creative as reflected in your blog and Pachmari film. Pachmari movie rocks!

with Shubhashish and Sneh for Sneha

~S n E h A~ said...

hi Shilpa!!

thanks so much for ur kind words..n also ur thoughts abt the idea of balance n visit the blog again..take care..:)

~S n E h A~ said...

okay Akash..i get your logic now..:)

Sonia said...

Nice thoughts!