Thursday, December 20, 2007

living with illusions..

Strange is the world of illusions
The real dreams so unreal
The known facts so unknown
A private conversation with the surreal

To take you away from the reality
Is the promise of the delusion
As long as you swear to hold hands with it
And embrace your seclusion

You think the moon is yours
It looks only at you
You think you are being watched
By someone who’s loving you

As if you are the only one in the universe
To have been granted the wish
So what if it’s only an illusion
It redeems you from the anguish

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

cuty catty

we shot this video a few months back when i saw a cat leave its lil kitten on the veranda of our house..we tried to feed the cutie kitten some milk...but i guess it was too small to even lick or even move..with its soft purr i was even scared to touch it....we tried to drop the milk in its mouth using an ink dropper..but the drop landed straight onto its cute lil head and it shrunk in we just left the plate and moved away...the camera was far away frm the 'bacchha' n i zoomed in from a distance..that's y the shakes n the jerks..but i feel the sight of the kitten itself is u enjoy the video while i am off editing more log onto my tv for more fun videos from my collection.

~S n E h A~

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The morning mist

Sleepy eyed buds wake-up rubbing their eyes, tickled by the morning mist. Zillions of unseen particles are given a new existence by the sun. The light shines bright and clear on the faces of the streets and opulent structures. From the earth to the sky, everything seems fresh and’s a beautiful morning once again bringing with it the joy of being alive. The darkness fades away into anonymity and the glow of the sun rules the world. The shine reminds us of the extreme darkness that loomed large a few moments ago but is now completely non-existent..the light fills every void, every space, every nook and corner, leaving no life untouched, unaffected.
what better way to describe the stark reality of life…

‘no matter how dark the night of the life is..the sun will definitely shine tomorrow.