Sunday, April 23, 2017

The bereaved, specially the ones who have seen someone extremely loved, inch closer to death till the doom, develop a diffrent gratitude for every little thing..i mean, unless someone is dying evetything else is 'good enough', 'can be dealt with'..this strength is our empowerment, our discovery against the dark days!
God answers.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Feminism like true love empowers and liberates..
The neo-feminism or the 'femenazi-wave' places women against women.
 It's not about some women who choose to attend seminars and meetings, also go to the gym and never miss son's tournaments and saying they are the real feminists over women who CHOOSE to stay at home or even those who CHOOSE to settle for a blue collar job. And by the way, as Barkha Dutt puts it, misogyny is truly one thing that is gender-neutral!

We can't go on categorizing an already divisive society on farcical parameters like these because if it is a matter of choice, then it is simply that - a matter of choice! 

Feminism is not about division, it is about making world one, it's not about being judgmental or showing pity - within or outside one's gender- but about respect and equality.

And so it becomes imperative to take our thoughts back to the original wisdom of the term.

Feminism as we have known it, allows to choose and gives power to own up those choices..

And so it doesn't belittle any decision fully owned by its woman, doesn't question her opting for a marriage format or career, gives her the freedom to idealise, stamps modernism in her creative approach of processing the decisions. Just like it doesn't question men. So it's not even women vs. men.

As Chimamanda Adichie, the famous Nigerian novelist and an international voice for feminism feels that the ultimate goal of feminism is to become redundant and to reach to a world where nobody needs to be labeled a feminist, a world which is gender equal! 

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland chose to challenge all the assumptions made about her 'cold and calculative' decision of not having children in order to pursue her political career. And though she feels there's nothing wrong for a woman to choose career over family, she chose to declare the actual reason  (which was miscarriage) so people understand that women can have varied reasons for not having kids and not just career!

Justin Trudeau always promotes teaching young boys to respect women and about gender equality as starting early helps. This is particularly important for once the male ego takes over it is difficult to shed.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The beauty of pain

He could admire her body
Resplendent with naked beauty
Soaked in fairy-dust
But he could not give eyes
to the devastation inside

While she was afraid
of the painful heart
That she hid within

She lay there in a false glory
 in apprehension of being judged
of the ugliness
and the pain that would follow

Saturday, January 14, 2017

It’s not in the materialistic,
worldly coffee that causes to experience spirituality..
it’s in every sip of it that is savored and made rich with experience..
it’s in that one look at the sky and smiling at the prospect of a rain
before entering a Rolls Royce..
It’s in the glances exchanged of a bride and the groom of a lavish wedding..
It’s in every simple, laughable, crazy,
moronic, child-like, present,
intangible thing in life of materialism that we suspect spirituality.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Totally with NDTV for its decision of one year now not to broadcast fairness cream adverts   

Yes, I too agree that the thought at work behind the fairness cream is racist..

Years back on a personal chat with Alyque Padamsee for his Fair and Lovely campaign when I objected to its theme, his stand seemed practical as per the statistics but even then I couldn’t comprehend how media’s role as a responsible institute can be overlooked.  It really can’t get away with promoting prejudices in the name of marketing strategy of endorsing a product. The very fundamental concept behind birthing such a product itself is ethically flawed.

The British raj has long been over..but the obsession over a fairer skin tone is just an inkling of the mark the rule has had over us! But both the society and the media as a part of the society need to understand that we’ve come a long way out of the shadows since then and already created a global identity..
Mass media has the potential to define the popular culture and change the mindsets of millions but it has also long been associated with trading prejudices.

Obviously enough, the sector has to grow economically and sponsorship plays an important role for its commerce and so does the marketing gimmick but we cannot overrule the ethical objection.
Statistics might say that a good number of population associate beauty with a fairer skin but do the media intellectuals need to fuel the notion? Can’t the right strategy be to promote the original color of the skin and the products as tan removing ointments, because that’s exactly what they do?

I have never taken anything said about my skin tone as a compliment and I am not being modest.  The obsession of beauty that is skin deep has long been overturned by Asian women and even men for that matter.. 

Sadly there’s a good lot which still loves to judge people by the color of the skin and the media would play the culprit to propagate this attitude if the content stays unfiltered ethically.

And it’s not about intolerance; it’s about being a responsible and morally appropriate public institute.