Monday, August 3, 2009

it's the last Monday of the "Sawan Somvars" and the temple near our house is scintillating with colourful lights and lamps..and in fact it's not just the lights but the sound too seems to travel at equal speeds..the sound billowing out of loudspeakers, lashing out at unimaginable decibels actually seems to reach God quite conviniently, screeching the ordinary ears of human beings..interestingly the only thing to laugh off was the tunes on which the bhajans were being played..the famous tunes of "Pankh hote toh udd aati re..." from the movy Sehra and "tutak tutak..." picturised on i guess Neelam?? a movy buff like me can only think of Sandhya in her famous dance moves when i hear the tune..anyways, but i seriously think we really need to do something about the relentless rise in noise pollution..

kids, who come to play in the nearby garden even during the exams, are giving a scared expression on their faces..maybe they're wondering why the people from the surrounding residential area haven't turned up to shoo away the people (like they always do with them) making these screeching sounds at such ungodly hours....probably the kids are seeing the same people adding to the racket... n so they have turned to some peaceful place to frolic around..hopefully the noise would disappear when they return home...


Akash Verma said...

Dear SnEhA

Good to see your post on a different note...I travelled from India to Africa yesterday....and noticed the post.

Noise Pollution for us might be the pour of GODLY devotion for some one else....just my opinion for diversed cultured India.......! Isn't it a fact?

For implenation of ideal living conditions (Matching with international standards)there would be a need to completely refurbish Indian Culture....!

So let the things take their own course....India......otherwise how would you be able to enjoy your days "Maa ke kehne par Baarish ke Aane par Aloo ke Chips ko ghar ki chhath se sametna"....Bahut unhygenic hota hai na woh.....But We Indian Love it and live with the same time we tend to develop also...! We have our own taste to live....and in my opinion it is unmtachable.......!

So lets enjoy our own Indian culture and put orselves into change only gradually........!

All the best.....!

mphpt07 said...

I too think that our strength is in diversity and these happenings are indications of festival mood.

Sometimes singing or dancing or enjoying sweets.

I know the sound pollution is there but then you have to respect
others feeling also! When we celebrate marriage or any occssion we also behave in the similar manner.

Awareness can be created by requesting the orgaqnisers to play songs in low volume so patients will not feel discomforts.If you point out this,people immediately will help you!

~S n E h A~ said...

arrey aisa devotion kis kaam ka jo aas-paas walo ka jeena dubhar kar de????

in the name of Indian Culture aren't we portraying a wrong image to the world by doing such unreasonable things...n this is noise pollution not Indian Sentiment and if at all it is so, we actually need to work on!

..btw..'"aloo ke chips" nahi.."papad" India main chhaton per hi sukhaiye jate hai ..and it is roasted or fried before we eat..of course it is very hygienic..:)

Akash Verma said...

Sneha, I expected this reply.... !

I only tried to present a right perspective of our cultutre and be more realistic, but at the same time also designated our culture as Unmatchable one. I feel that the structured improvement is surely needed in our thought process and deeds, however I just opined that change will come up gradually, till then we dont have any option but to adjust and enjoy.

Sorry for Aloo ke Chips it was Papad...there also I only portrayed our passion for home made things. I very well know that India mein Papad Chhaton par hi sukhaiye jaate mom also used to do it. Hygeinic bhi hote hain....comaparison was to juz to ease out the things.....!

I fully agree that Noise pollution and many other pollution in our thoughts are needed to be addressed properly.

Shilpa said...

I second Sneha's thoughts about god and mommade papads.
God is within all and not externally tangible.
No need for high pitched loudspeakers to reach him.
One can have feelings of good wishes,empathy,kindness,love,
blessedness and gratefulness in their hearts, that is all there is to remembering Him.

Mom made papads/food are not only hygenic and yummy, they are what bond us together at human level as a family,society and environment, because they are made out of love.

Nothing is more hygenic,healthy,nutritious,energising and comparable to homemade real food which is cooked with motherly love and tenderness.
How can one think of it as unhygenic, it's derogatory?
The store bought and restaurant made dead food is infact unhygenic,unhealthy,ill-nourishing and lacking in affection. Readymade food, eat outs and take outs are like digging a grave
for yourself and your family and environment. Store-bought junk is dead with long shelf life and promoting short human lives and disease causing.

~S n E h A~ said...

@ dad - want to do so much for the surroundings dad..i hope things would be better..m trying..:)

mphpt07 said...

I appreciate your feelings.
Pl do it!
somebody has to take lead.
All the best!

Sonia said...

Damn! I missed this post. my apologies.

I love what you've written and I totally agree with the idea of preserving the culture in a more sensible way - that does not disturb others' lives. Earlier the bhajan singers used to have some sense of rhythm atleast. Film-makers have often used these sounds for beautiful storytelling....but alas! the last time I heard some random bhajan sandhya out of a temple - the ladies were totally out of tune, with absolutely no sense of rhythm, And yet singing at the top of their voice. If god hears our prayers w/ these bhajans, perhaps he'd have to use earplugs and pretend that he is listening.