Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Had my visa interview yesterday. A very hectic and tiring day, as was expected. The rest of the experience was the same as my dear sis Sonia described in her blog; tokens, rush, waiting and finally the interview etc.

Just to add a personal flavour to my entry, I will tell you about yesterday’s experience minus what you already know. I made two good friends. One was a Gujarati lady who was amicable and had a pretty smile. She was a godsend. Without her, the five-hour long and boring wait in the embassy would have been mayhem in hell. Thank God she was there. I pity the other uncles and aunties who were not as lucky as me and their faces were frozen to a steady expression of boredom. Some observed the volunteers roaming around involuntarily, some yawned consistently, ladies were busy hushing their noisy kids, and the guys (some of ‘em) were busy looking around for some eye-tonic.

Finally when I got out of the office, I saw my dad waiting outside. I smiled at him, signaling that I got the visa. He later described how other people came out of the office with either a ‘thumbs-up’ or a ‘thumbs-down’. I came with a smile. I am different you see..haha..there I go again!

In the evening I attended a garba function. There I met another would-be good friend. She was a stranger but didn’t look like one. Paradoxically, I felt I have met her many times. We watched people play garba in colorful costumes, enjoyed different food items from various stalls and then finally did try to hit the crowded dancing floor. And yeah, we managed to get into the groove with thousands of other people.

All in all, yesterday was a fun day. Dad is right, I am lucky.

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