Thursday, October 11, 2007


There you are, JD and team, with another very different kettle of fish. I love this serial called ‘BAA BAHU AUR BABY’ like many other people for its unique approach and content. Here are some other reasons why I would give it the title of ‘the king of indian tellywood’ –

The content, which fabricates a fuzzy line between reality and fiction. Audience almost always carry twin emotions of the hope of getting into practice what they see and at the same time feel the itch of the fictional aspect of the story; the feeling that is left after the curtains fall on the episode.

In the days of dismantled families, where people prefer to stay in their cocoons and isolate themselves from their own blood relations, deliberately, it’s an eye candy to watch a family tied together with the thread of tradition, values and discipline.

The serial is rather a series of small incidents surrounding the ‘thakkar parivar’, a gujrati family, who face every endeavour in life hand-in-hand, be it supporting and encouraging a member to win a competition, no matter how big or small it is, or dealing with a life threatening disease paralyzing the other. They are together in every trying moment. It’s so good to see a family tied together in such a strong way. The producers know this. And hence almost every single episode ends with a lesson well learnt.

Salutes to the editor-in-chief who keeps the serial untouched from the ‘madras cuts’; the dizzying transitions, which squint the eyes.

Actors are fantabulous. All are experienced and fit extremely well in the characters.

After dishing out hits like ‘Instant Khichadi’ and Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, Baba, Bahu aur Baby continues to rule the hearts of the audience.


JD, Aatish and Devang rock!!

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