Thursday, November 1, 2007


Friends will be friends; funny, mischievous and ever caring. I am proud to say that I have got very few friends but all of them are angels, blessings in disguise.

Let people flaunt when they say, “I am sociable”, or “I have many friends or I easily make friends.” Some thoughtful person had said once, if at the time of your death, you have at least five friends, you are the happiest person on earth. So true!

The person, who easily becomes your friend, is not a friend in the first place. He’s still a stranger. Bollywood might disagree and say, “tumse milkar dil ko aisa laga jaise mera tumse janmo ka naata ho”…

Aisa hota hoga, but in rarest of the rare cases. The truth is harsh. You CANNOT make friends easily. I have been very lucky to have found such good friends. Very protective and real gems. God bless them all.

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Sonia said...

agree! koi itni asaani se dost ban jata to baat hi kya thi!

i too believe in having just a handful of time-tested friends rather than having a 1000 friends none of whom is worth all the relations!