Thursday, July 26, 2007


Long back, when I was still a school-going li’l girl, who was easily amazed by the sight of a rainbow, even if it was just a picture, peeping out of a 7th Grade text-book, I always wanted to see a rainbow in my real life.

And then the Almighty took my call and answered my desperation. One day, on my way back home from my granny’s place I saw this miraculous rainbow, all bright and vivid, shining through my car window. I couldn’t help but pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe at this wonderful sight of the Indra-dhanush. It didn’t just make my day, but my life! From then on, I always get caught in the reverie of that wonderment and voraciously wish to see that sight again, whenever it rains.

I wrote this poem in a naturally inebriated state; the one that only nature can put you into. No amount of liquor can equal it. I am happy to still be that little girl at heart.

Today I desire to break-free
And romance with the morning Sun
Dance to the chirruping of beautiful canary
And blow away the work undone..

I slide down the rainbow
And land to the dazzling clouds
Where the flowery swing awaits
Hanging from where the mystery shrouds

Pink flamingos gyrate around
As I fondly watch them gleam
I swing through the wind of freedom
And touch the sky of my dream…


Unknown said...

Beutiful poem ! You are styrong in you expressions and vocabulary too!
I appreciate your excellence.

Abhinav said...

really beautiful and touching! reaching rainbows has always been a childhood fantacy of most of us. and i loved visualizing it the way you've portrayed. slipping down the rainbow and slashing down to furry clouds.. the only difference was that instead of pink flamingoes, it was blue pigeons swinging around.. hahaha.. there are too much of them here in ahmedabad :-D

~S n E h A~ said...

thx MAG! pigeons, NID, cool chicks, rainy season n ahemdabad! WOOOOOOO...u must be having a gr8 time..:)

Abhinav said...

but more than anything else, i miss rainbows here. they are ought to rise only in the city of charming ppl :)
and by the way, very nice pics on the blog!

Sonia said...

oye hoye satrangi sapne! maa se bolna padega..hehe

jokes apart, and as always, u've beautifully expressed yourself sis! muaah!