Saturday, June 23, 2007

Say cheeeeeeeeeese……..


So finally the wait is over. My braces are gone!

That was a surprise that dawned on me when my dentist, with a child-like excitement, held forth a hand mirror in front of me, after he was done with the routine check-up and smiled playfully. Initially I took the expression as the dumbest visage one could ever exhibit. I gave him a frowned look as I was already disgusted with my aching teeth after going through a grueling clean-up. But that was usual. So I didn’t bother and never in my wildest dream did I imagine that this day will put an end to the enormous torture, my teeth had gone through in the last five years.

But as I held the mirror, my left, arched eye-brow gradually scraped the ceiling. This usually happens when I am expecting some nuisance to happen. You know lady instinct! But this time around, exceptionally, my instinct did not work like a charm. I was quite bamboozled by it. The mirror reflected something that was long dismissed from the mind. The look that was under wraps for a long time could now be seen free and clear.

It was weird in the beginning, but as I went home and sported that forgotten smile, it was déjà vu.

I thank my Chacha, who patiently awaited my discharge from the regular and annoyingly lengthy clean-ups and also consoled me when I was fed to the teeth (both idiomatically and philosophically) with this tacky regimen.

At the end of the day I happily miss my braces!

Smile Amigo!

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