Monday, June 18, 2007


Every year father’s day crumbles back to remind us of that special being who is so close to our hearts. At least there should be some day to make the fathers world over celebrate their fatherhood, right?

In the rush and din of our daily lives we forget to light up that endearing old candle, which we take for granted all through the year and consequently miss out on the inestimable fun we could have bargained for good.

The candle, which seems to have waited for ages in the hope of getting the slimmest of your attention and, is melting away without even being illuminated, craves for this special day to rediscover its lost identity as a guardian.

Father’s day convulses the soul to become cognizant of its atrocious crime of ignoring the man who proudly dealt with the rough and tumble of fatherhood from seeing his child all toothy and smiling to seeing her grow into an educated independent individual.

I dedicate this article to my Dad and it gives me mighty pleasure to write for the man who taught me the virtues of self-discipline and hard work, to walk tall in the society apart from many other things.

I request you to reach out to your dad now and tell him how much you love him and that you care and I know the loneliness that still looms large in his world without you will vanish forever.

I did that too and I would like to put on record, upfront and no strings attached that I am proud of my father who’s always been my teacher, my navigator and my life, unfailingly.

[The tradition of Father's Day actually came out of Mother's Day. It was at a Mother's Day celebration in 1909 that Sonara Smart of Washington found herself thinking of her widower father who had single-handedly raised his three kids. On his birth date the next year, she held the first ever Father's Day and ever since then, the third Sunday of every June is officially observed as World Father's Day.]

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Sonia said...

me 2 proud of dad!!!!!
Not only for being a gr8 dad, but also for being an inspiration 4 Indian Pharma education..Prof.Ram Gaud!
Never saw some1 as ambitious as him..