Monday, May 30, 2016

A roast recipe gone wrong

So it’s a win-win – Prime time of channels soaring the TRPs, and Tanmay Bhatt getting all the undeserved footage that he’s ever wanted..

If a comedian is a threat to our country, I wonder where our country is going..A democracy that bans humour is not a serious democracy.

He’s been roasted by politicians, fans, followers and protestors. But isn’t black comedy known for its prudent, irreverent jokes and the guy in the highlight belongs to the fraternity where such humour prevails?
As for the legends, they are at a level of maturity where such puny things hardly matter .

But yes, our icons must come out and speak in defense of the issue with real Tunku Vardarajan says in the article to "The Wire", Thin-skinned icons are more dangerous than bumptious comedians."
We have bigger objectives to fulfill and no time to spare for a nonsensical, ill-humoured troll.. But as Sanjay Manaktala tweets – “On the bright side, at least the Indian media will educate the masses about what snapchat is..:)”

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