Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wo subah kabhi to aayegi…..

Wo subah kabhi to aayegi…..

I dedicate the song to the lawmakers, lawbreakers and the beneficiaries of the entire tamasha. The tamasha of instant justice, mob lynch or vigilantism. Wouldn’t it be right for these people to take a break from their respective professions and go for a walk? They aren’t doing their work anyways. Instead they are more concerned about filling each others’ shoes. People of all professions – teachers, doctors, students - are turning into lawmakers..they make their own laws and implement them in their unique ways; the original lawmakers are sleeping and thanks to the delayed justice, the people who should actually be sleeping, leaving everything in the hands of law and trusting it, are losing their sleep. Hail democracy!

Consider this –

Two people quarreled over using a cellphone a couple of days back, and in a fit of rage, the one named Ravi, stabbed the other several times. Locals rushed the injured person to the hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries midway. Ravi was caught and assaulted by his neighbours before being handed over to the policemen, who took him to hospital for treatment. Later a crowd reached the hospital, roped his neck and dragged him out to the road where he was beaten black and blue. Even as a handcuffed Ravi twisted and turned in vain and writhed in pain, the cops, batons in their hand and rifles on their shoulders, remained mute spectators.

(Source: Sunday Times, 24th Feb’08)

Instead of hitting the accused, wouldn’t it be a better idea to strip such policemen, for whom their work is everything but worship, off their uniforms in public? Because of such people, the entire police force is being accused of inactivity.

God forbid, if this tamasha continues, we wouldn’t need to buy tickets for some Ram Gopal Verma flick, as then we could see the real life villains getting roughed up by our local heroes right in front of our homes, until we find out that the person being beaten to death is our own daughter or brother and then we would find no law to ask for help. We will have to find our own ways of getting justice by the mob, of the mob and for the mob.

Arre wo subaha kabhi to aayegi jab ham hamare hi desh ka tamasha banne se rok sakenge.

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Sonia said...

i hate reading the's full of such news. i thought journalists bring it to light so that people voice their protest against such things....but it doesn't really happen...i did what i could do as a student. we ran protest ralleys, wrote letters to ministers and senior officers...cried, yelled, participated in debate competitions....but nothing turned right...

and if we overdo a protest, the first sentence we hear from our beloved parents is "beta tum to in lafdo se door hi raho...."

ah, well...vo subaha kabhi to aayegi!