Sunday, February 24, 2008


Being a housewife is super-challenging. It’s not only about cooking and looking after the (super) kids but it’s a total house management, a job without a salary. Hats off to my mom who makes things look so simple. She’s not keeping well since last many days. And so I am kinda managing the house; something she’s been doing since last 29 years. But I guess what keeps her ticking is the love we kids we give to her and in return what we get is some thing beyond boundaries. Something that only motherhood can do to you. Just a smile on her kids’ faces makes her day and a tear in their eye gives her sleepless nights. Even on the hospital bed, my mom was more worried about whether I am taking my meals on time or not. That’s what being a mother is all about I guess. I’ll understand it better when I become one.


Nikita said...

true.....moms r like tht..but the strangest thing is when kids try to talk about their moms....wat its all abt being one....n ---- it seems all moms are same....constant source of love, inspiration , care.....n bahut kuch.

Sonia said...

i hope mom gets well soon....seems like a chink of my childhood was ripped away when she fell ill..