Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jiska darr tha wahi hua…my fav contestant in Voice of India is out! Toshi was a contestant whose voice had a feel of the Indian soil. He was the best contender for the VOICE OF INDIA.

Being a true marwari I usually don’t vote for any such contestant, no matter what a powerhouse of talent he or she might be. But I broke my rule and did vote for him twice!! Now, for a marwari like me, to sms for someone for whom my vote might just be an atom of oxygen in his ocean of votes (genuine or sham, I do not know), was certainly a bad idea. But I became fond of this particular contestant and really wanted him to win. But as was expected, a true winner has to fight a bigger battle, and success doesn’t come easy for him. Toshi is no more in the race of VOI.

I was right. This voting system is all bakwas. I pray that all the good singers who were 'voted out' by aur junata judges continue to sing and entertain the world and don’t take this talent hunt seriously. After all it’s just a matter of time and luck! Remember Abhijeet Sawant??


Unknown said...

Yes ,i agree with you.tears came to my eyes to see how it ended?Is it only the SMS which is going to decide VOI?Great Singer Lataji also responded to a comment on VOI that it is a "noutanki".
A great singer is born and not made.It takes years to develop the acceptability and excellence noboday can supress.One day he will come to a place he deserves but then he should not give up his eforts just because of this happening.

Anonymous said...

Sign petition to bring Toshi back

If you want him back into competition,please sign the petition and Forward to all your friends who like Toshi.

Toshi from Star Voice of India has been voted out this week by mere 25 votes. He was one of best singers in the competition. Every judge was unanimous that he is the best.
Sometimes in public voting, Instead of voting for strong performers, people usually vote a lot more to save contestants from getting voted out. They think that someone is going to vote for strong performer anyway.

If you think that Toshi is good singer and should be brought back into the competition, Please sign this petition. Together, we would submit this petition to Star TV and bring Toshi back. In case you feel like voting about him, please spend five minutes now and vote for this great singer by signing this petition. Every signature counts!

Please forward to other people who like Toshi and may have missed voting for him. Become leader of ths effort by finding ways of making this message reach far and wide..

HojO said...

#Sneha:These shows r rather boring n fake :-(

All those nautangy by judges 4 TRP thing ! *sigh*

I admit,in '05 i voted regularly 4 'Qazi'of 'Fame Gurukul'@SONY....later,i realised it was rather a stupid act ....BUT i voted him 4 his mental strength n determination,otherwise he was really an ordinary singer :-(

Since then i rarely visit these 'talent hunt'(?)shows .