Thursday, May 17, 2007

San Francisco Calling - A Momentary adieu

Being an elder sister & having known her for years, I have always considered my sister, my ‘little angel’, as she’s the only soul on this earth who has brought blissful joy & unfazed happiness in my life since her birth. And now this girl occupies a special place in my heart not only as a sibling but also as my best buddy.

Keeping roadmaps ready for all of her pursuits, this gal is capable of doing anything which requires imagination & creativity. Her ingeniousness & knack for sketching & animation will surely take her to great heights. Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I knew she’s a star.
Call it clairvoyance or just an intuition, but I have seen her wearing the crown of glory many times in my dreams. Firm & resolute as she is, one day she’s definitely going to make her family burst with pride.

And now it’s time. I have to see her off for good, to the place of her dreams and our hopes. She’ll be embracing all new world full of opportunities and challenges. But this goodbye is temporary. She’ll conquer the battle of the identity quest and will return with the winning sword.

But before she leaves to execute her ambitions, here’s what I have written for her -

Shared smiles, shared tears
All intensified though years
Your dreams, our hope
With you these elope

All wish you return
For the day we yearn
With the golden crown
And valor around

A momentary adieu
We bid to you
And to Him we pray

Victory fills your way…

Lots of blessings from all your loved ones..

1 comment:

Sonia said...

i'm honored to read this sis...wakai bohot pyar aa raha hai tujhpar! muaaah!...thanks yar..and fikar not, san-fran walo ko indori bana dalungi! lolz..