Thursday, June 14, 2007

Success-fool’s paradise

Who cares how you define success? If at all it matters, it just matters to you. Why to impose your definition of success on others? It’s just unreasonable. To you success might be the fruitful outcome that you savor after spending years in taking a swarm of nightmarish rides in the overcrowded locals from Borivali to Churchgate.

Or to you success might be indulging in an ostentatious show of owning a luxury yacht, being surrounded by fast cars, beautiful women, designer houses, horses, jewellery and art just like the loud Richard Branson of India, Vijay Mallya.

Another definition of success could be the glam-doll way, chosen by the high-profile who’s who of Bollywood actors. The actors (most of ‘em) flaunt their bodies; earn bucks for being brazen in front of an entire audience of the nation of dignified discourse and celebrated sabhyata. And then they call themselves ‘successful’. (Do I need to specify the likes of Imran Hashmi?)

Whatever it might be, but that is success to you. Everyone, absolutely EVERYONE is free to relish in his own world of accomplishments. And EVERYONE in this world has to deal with his own set of struggles, which to you might not be a struggle in the first place!

By trying to convince others to accept what you think of success is simply disgusting. With no offence, I don’t buy the success stories of any of the aforesaid people. I think it’s a total waste of time to live life that way. But that is my opinion. People feel it’s an alibi for not working hard. You can think so too, if you have time. What’s the point in having everything from alluring looks to a walloping bank-balance and still hitting the rehab centers, more often than not? (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears….)

Because you’re reading my blog, I will take the privilege to define success in my own way. And I don’t force you to comply with my definition. My definition of success is not at all materialistic, it’s very abstract. Success to me is more in trying and less in achieving. I believe in destiny. I am a theist. Your trying can be equal to your destiny, not more than it. A beggar on the road can dream of becoming Bill Gates one day and he may invest all his available resources in fulfilling his dream. At the end of his life he may not find himself scoring that high in his fervent hope, but his efforts will certainly give him an immense satisfaction and indescribable delight, which will in turn effectuate a tranquil and not disgruntled demise.

In the words of Alex Noble -

“If I have been of service, if I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day.”


Sonia said...

agreed! we all have our own deifnitions of success..
for me, it is challenging myself and beating my own limitations!

Rahul Chaudhary said...

well too much eye on goal indeed poisons out our journey

i remember when ford was dying he was in state of despair for he fails in an attempt to gather money as per his set goals

see if you have goals and that too high,with your interest invested in them,you will die as beggar ,irrespective of how much you earned


~S n E h A~ said...

if the investment is in the right direction nd the goal is high, it doesn't matter if you don't reach your destination...beacuse trying is more important..this way am sure the journey wld be more intresting than the goal itself!