Friday, December 3, 2010

The goodness triumphs again - TOI Indore Plus October, 2010

Discover your style quotient - TOI Indore Plus October, 2010

City on the development path

A few of my articles published in the past month with Times of India's Indore Plus.


Akash said...

Hi Sneha,

"Powerful expressions with substantial clarity in thoughts"
is the essence of my comments after reading through all 03 articles....!

Wishing you al the best for an astonishing career ahead...!


Take Care..!

Sonia said...

AWESOME! Proud of you! mwaah

Akash said...

Dear ~SnehA~

Wish you a very happy new year to you and your family.
We just concluded our New yEAR Party in nigeria at 2.00 AM NST which is 6.30 AM IST in India, it was just awesome .....! waitring for your new post .... I wish you achive the a boost in your career in the new year 2011. You are very creative ... and i Am surprised why you should not get the breakthrough in your career this year 2011.

All the best...!

A well wisher of talents....!


Akash said...

Dear Sneha

Happy International Women's Day.

No post long time...

Akash said...

This virtual meeting room is critically missing the presence of an awesome creative personality for almost last 05 months...!

Daily checks... but all in vein...!

Where are you Madam ~SnEhA~ ?

Hope all izz well at your end...!

Please come back to your centre stage...!