Monday, March 8, 2010

I am all cheery as i memorise the happenings three years back..i was shooting for my debut documentary, Adrashya Nari. It was 8th of March, 2007, Woman's Day and i was out in the field to document the facts on the theme essentially for women - their empowerment through education.

It later occurred to me that the shooting date coincided with the date of celebration for women the world over. And somehow i was self-assured about the task i was involved in. My second self, my alter-ego justified my involvement in the project as necessary and i proceeded.

A lot of appreciation and criticism later, (btw, the docu Adrashya Nari / Invisible Woman, wins yet another title - Silver Lei Award in the International Honolulu Film Festival organised recently under the Short Film category), when i am confronted with the basic question i started my project with, I feel like saying so much. Well, the basic question of how important is education for a woman? Can it really dissolve the social evils persisting in the country and the world over if we get all our women educated? The answer is a simple "No" and so seems very complicated.

The incidence of a ruthless murder of a woman by her mother-in-law and husband, occurred a few months back in the city. The culprits and the victim involved were all well-educated, belonging to well-to-do families. The incidence made headlines and was duly forgotten. Did education resolve the issue? Or did it stop any such incidences from occurring again? It could well have been possible if the woman who had to abandon her life to satisfy the cruelties of others would have voiced her protest against it, just at the time when it started.

So, it's also the matter of a strong value system or value education that a woman should possess, which she can pass on to her future generations. Not that our male members are incapable of doing it but it's always the lady of the house who can actually make or break our homes. Look around to find one as an example. It's never a bad idea to begin the change we always want to see around, at our own home! Charity does begin at home. Always.

Primary education is as essential as the values. There should always be something to fall back on in case destiny turns its back on the so-called lady-luck. Finances are as necessary for a woman as it is for a man. And now it's time she understands that.

Formal education coupled with value education, opens the door for wisdom that many of us lack.
Whilst the former is a bonus, the latter is the core, the fundamental root to the wisdom tree.

 And the decision you make of the biggest choices would often be driven by the value system you'd acquired over the years not only by the knowledge acquired by the books or degrees.

This emotional and logical connectivity goes a long way in leading a structured and balanced life.

Well I think Peter Brougham would agree:

Education make a people easy to lead,
but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.


Akash Verma said...


Wow...........! Congratulations for winning Silver Lei Award in the International Honolulu Film Festival...!

On the Blog...New looks...great for a change..!

But I strongly feel that the earlier one was unique and very artistic and creative as well...!

Today, women reservation bill has been passed in Lok Sabha...!

India looks forward with Great future ...jokes apart...provided women do not bring Belan in Lok Sabha... Ha ha ha....!

I love ladies coming forward with confidence and zeal for taking up challenge...!

Only yesterday....An Air India flight that was fully controlled and administered by female crew took off from Mumabi to Newyork...!

Great going ...!

India is great..! Jai Hind...!

All the best always..!

~S n E h A~ said...

hi Akash!

wanted something more the change..

Women Reservation..well, we did not need it said it with the example of AI female crew..

But now if we win, they'll say it's the reservation and not the talent..

So Big Deal.

Akash Verma said...

Dear SnEhA,

I am simply impressed with your thoughts about reservation for women....and the reflection of self esteem..!

Very true...that men will say that it is reservation that is why...these women came up...!!

but the fact is problems for a creative and cofident woman like you...the resrvation is not needed at all....but look at those women...who never had a dream or courage to come forward n spite of their unexplored potetial...!

The new law shall be a boon to these deserving women and thus to our nation...they would also get a fair chance to exhibit their unexplored potential...!

To me women reservation bill will change the face of your country...and the female like you , who would be the future leaders in their respective fields....will have a greater responsibility to guide, motivate and encourage upcoming women...!

Jai Hind.......!

Sonia said...

Congrats girl!!!!!!!! Very hearty congratulations from me and Abhinav :)) I am looking forward to your next documentary and I am 200% sure that all the work you do will win many many awards!! It only takes passion, dedication and hardwork to succeed - and you have all that along with all the amazing talent you have.

And I agree that education alone cannot solve the issues we're referring to here. And value education is something that cannot be taught in an academic comes more because of the people we live with, grow up with, surround ourselves with. I think a major influence in everyone's lives is their so many ways I;m happy that your kids will be in safe hands because you are so thoughtful and inspiring :))


PS : I love your new blog layout. Nice click!

~S n E h A~ said...


guess you're right in many would give women a start that is easier to begin with..

But then why limit it only to women of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes, poor women and Muslim women who would benefit from it..what abt the women belonging to the other sections of the society who are suppressed and more deserving than the others?

shouldn't there be any reservations for them? isn't this bill a li'l skewed or biased per se??

But still, i guess the legislature would benefit out of it.

i agree with (CPI-M) Brinda Karat, when she says -

"The entry of a larger number of women in legislatures would make for 'more sensitive politics'."

~S n E h A~ said...



many many hugs and kisses..

Akash Verma said...


I think the women reservation bill is open for women from all sections of society in its present form.

However SP and RJD is opposing it for the very reason you mentioned..the want a quota within 33% also for the women of SC/ ST / OBCs and Muslims.

This is debatble..but in my opinion...there should be 2 things that need complete eradication from our society in order to achive status of truely developed country in all respect.

1. Abolition of all kind of reservations from our Systems (It is just an activity to be decided on paper). 50% of every thing should be for women and 50% of every thing should be of is a natural law also.

2. Abolition of typical caste system to provide equality to every one in true sense. (This can not be done on papers/documents..we need to completley revamp in our prejudiced mind set)

Both of above is possible but the 2nd one is just a challenge. How we shall remove it. Because we all have been brought up with a predefined programming by our parents/society.

Are we ready to do it...?

You are winner of short movie on Adarshya would be pretty good if you produce/direct a documentary on this burning issue as well.

Sneha ...!

India is great as we all often refer to....However, dont we find number of flaws in our old systems....?? Which no body wish to rectify in honestly...we all just sit on these issues and encash avaialble opportunity to our own convenience...!

Hope I have not bored you much on this dry issue.....which is not dry in my own thoughts...!

Please think over and revert back...!

mphpt07 said...

I agree that women empowerment only can improve our young generation.I have experienced this with my mom,my lady and you both!
when I look back ,I think my life would have been zero without their contributions and sacrifices.This is the true story with all.But then very few have courage to accept it.

Hats of to all women who really contributed for good part of the society.

I sincerely thanked my all of my faculty for their contribution in developing the school along with their family responsibilities even better than men!

Birth of Adrushya Nari on 8th March was a good indiacation of women strength!It got recognition from all corners of the world

Salam to all of them!

~S n E h A~ said...

Thanks Dad and thanks to all of your faculty members!

my next blog entry, would elaborate on that..


~S n E h A~ said...

Hi Akash!

very true..everyone should have a choice to decide on the caste or religion he wants to matter what his ancestors have followed all through their lives..

Regionalism and its practices are so deep-rooted in our country that it'll be very difficult to totally abolish the caste system..but what would be, according to me, a better idea to help fight negativity is to make everyone realise the fact they already are aware of -

No religion encourages ranking of human beings on the basis of their caste..and even if it does, every religion can be followed peacefully without any kind of impositions, keeping the cultural aspect attached to it, alive and intact..

Each one of us has a responsibility towards the society; be it a filmmaker, a doctor, a mountaineer, a psychiatrist or a fashion-designer..each one of us can make a contribution in his her own unique way..more on this later.

hey btw Akash nice to see you participate in the out for my other related entries as well..