Monday, October 13, 2008

As we proceed with enough razzmatazz about the generation Y, few of the self-imposed perceptions of the Indian society remain unchanged..Yesterday mom was just telling me to clean my room..quite casually she said “humare ghar ka kaam kar le phir toh tere sasural chali jayegi kuch dino main..” n she just laughed it off…I just said “haan mom, ye aapka ghar, wo sasural, mera toh koi ghar hi nahi hai na?”..going by those grave expressions on my face, mom took a break from her dusting regime, came close to me and fondly stroke my hair, and said “arre waise bhi toh betiyan parayi hoti hai, isme nai baat kya hai?” she walked away...the scenes which I used to enjoy in ekta kapoor’s serial were happening live in front of me, in my own was very strange…sach hai…it’s a male dominated society after all! Still.


Sonia said...

chod na know the level of orthodox in our family. we should be proud of ourselves ki aise mahol me rehke bhi we are what we are - involved in the media & entertainment industry.

you in-laws seem quite open minded. hopefully you'll not get to hear such things there. and even if you do - don't care. move on!

mphpt07 said...

It is not a question of orthodox behaviour.It is to understand what is happening is for betterment of the family.You have your own world where you will lead a new generation.One has to accept the fact that it is universal law God has made and it is for the betterment of human beings.

No question of who is dominating whom as truth always wins and truth is that once a girl marry she has to do a pious job of creating her own world accepting worldly challenges and responsibilities.It is capplicable to boys also.

How many males are living with their parents?Due to their own limitations,even they want to live with parents,they can not afford to do it.

so mom understand how to come out of this moment.She will miss you much more than you.but then we know it is for your better future and happy has to come out of nest and fly.
So fly my child with all sweet dreams and do not think that you are at loss due to your family's orthodox behaviour.

God Bless You !