Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I was completely bogged out yesterday evening..God knows why. Biorhythms maybe. i wanted to fight with someone and because my sis was not around i decided to fight it out with my room. i emptied my shelves, my closet, wardrobe evrything..n decided to transform a fit of rage into a fit of creativity..so this is what my room looked like.

and this is what i came up with....a wall-hanging for a friend..thanks to the 'Best out of Waste' competitions in the primary school i used to participate in..:)


Sonia said...

when u took out everything from ur shelves.....your room started to look like mine...hehehe....creatively messed up!!

~S n E h A~ said...

hmmm...actually mom was missing u so much tht i thgt y not to give her a glimpse of her beloved younger daughter..tht was juz a glimpse haan. hhahaha...bura na mano holi hain!!!