Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A dream husband

Sounds good? But a dream is a dream and especially this one, which seems self-contradictory to claim its presence in reality. This discussion reminds me of amol palekar’s paheli, which addresses a very deep-rooted expectation of every woman in the world – the love and attention of her husband, no matter how old she grows. Where in the film, the reality and the dream have been juxtaposed leaving it for the destiny to make a choice between the two, the real life leaves less scope for any such choices.

When in LA, I saw an old couple walk hand in hand, the husband whispering some words in his partner’s ears and the old lady blushing constantly. I don’t know what it takes to keep candle of love alive in the hearts after many years of being together, but I guess it’s on the part of the lady to completely understand the fact that a fictive reality it just a fictive reality and no body including herself is perfect. A husband who constantly thinks of her and loves every moment of being with her is something which cannot happen. It’s only when we, the ladies, understand that this fairytale is just that – a fairytale, that we would be able to make the relationships survive the test of time. Yes, we need to grow up!

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mphpt07 said...

I partly agree with your statment.but then let me tell you the affection is to be felt and not for exhibition.Movies show the things which are all imaginary because people love to see what they can not do!
Real life is something have lot of responsibility to do along with the duty to keep family happy.
One has to understand this for happy life!