Tuesday, December 4, 2007

cuty catty

we shot this video a few months back when i saw a cat leave its lil kitten on the veranda of our house..we tried to feed the cutie kitten some milk...but i guess it was too small to even lick or even move..with its soft purr i was even scared to touch it....we tried to drop the milk in its mouth using an ink dropper..but the drop landed straight onto its cute lil head and it shrunk in fear...so we just left the plate and moved away...the camera was far away frm the 'bacchha' n i zoomed in from a distance..that's y the shakes n the jerks..but i feel the sight of the kitten itself is heartfelt..so u enjoy the video while i am off editing more stuff..do log onto my tv for more fun videos from my collection.

~S n E h A~

1 comment:

Sonia said...

haha.... cho chweet!!
i still rem tht day...