Friday, August 10, 2007


For little Jane and Lucy, it was just another morning. They, quite ritually, did what any other bickering sisters would do – bicker.

“You greedy slush bucket! Get outta ma way!! Let me wash my face ya understand??”

(water flowing from the tap..)

"Shut your damn mouth up! You ragamuffin! I told ya it’s my geography test today…I have to reach early…so u get off my way & I don’t want to see the likes of you muckin’ at the tap..”

Mom – “you two! Downstairs, Now!

“But ma….”

(water still flowing…)

For Christ’s sake stop fighting! I want to see both of you for the breakfast in 10 mins.

(water flow thins)

Jane - @$#%^^&^*E$%#%$

Lucy - $%$%$%&^$#@#$

Mom - $%$%$^^%^^%^$

(water stops flowing..)

Jane, Lucy & Mom (in chorus) – “NOT AGAIN!!!!!”

Nice dialoguing Sneha, but what’s new? All siblings bicker. It’s rather sweet.

Jeez! How can you neglect the tap, which is pouring out the elixir of life, like a God, since last two centuries?? We all seem to ignore the fact that if we go on like this, water will be seen nowhere except in our misty eyes.

Can’t you see the same misty eyed water, now?? Oh! How can you. It’s not your fault. How can anybody see watery eyes of water?? That would be paradoxical.

Do I need to say – “SAVE WATER”??

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Unknown said...

It is unfortunate part that we are not understanding the importance of water saving.Last week only mumbai who experience water logging was facing water cut problem due to less rain.We have been bleesd by so many rivers,but we could not implement the plans given by scientist for joining of these rivers for better farmin and drinking water availability.
But then it should start from our own house and then common interest will fix priorities of nation also!
Instead of fighting on water the authorities should look into nation's need for water.I hope I will be able to see this happening in my life.
I am happy that this thinking is coming thru blog.