Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Wanted' movie review

The reviews were mixed..some said it was yet another cheesy Bollywood masala flick, some thought it to be one of Salman's best! And after watching this full on msala action-comedy, i have no doubts agreeing to the latter of the two extreme opinions..the lovable protagonist of "Hum Apke Hain.." or "Judwa" or "Karan Arjun" has surely aged in his looks but when it comes to being Salman we've cherished ever since, he still does it with the same elan again and again and again..and we love him so much for that..don't we?

yes, the movie was a highly unrealistic-bollywood-ish kinds..a dozen hoodlums being thrashed to the ground by our brave hero in a single stunt, a desi inspector ogling at the heroine with immense devilish thirst in the eyes, a geeky yet international Don, a heroine, depressed in her search for love, still, changing her make-up and nail-paints every now and then in the worst of's funny really..but yet we liked it all..and how! i never knew Prabhu Deva can don the director's hat so well!

The movie reminds us of the fact that at the end of the film when the audience come out of the movie-theater, they are least interested in carrying with them an emotional baggage of a heavy-duty drama or suspense..they sometimes want to feel lighter too. Cinema is all about entertainment for the general masses at least, may be not for the so-called "elite" or for the more serious ones..

i particularly liked the fact that the cut-away scenes were not the usual prolonged ones..they were short, funny, sweet and gave a sense of correlation of the happenings and the timing of their occurrences ..the introductory part of "Radhe" (the hero of the film) was a bit boring but then as the film proceeded with its mirch-masala and cheeni-thoda-sa-kum style, it went on to surge the adrenaline of the audience well glued-up in their seats..

the scene where the villain (Ghani Bhai) with a typical south-Indian accent, was taken captive by the police is hilarious..screenplay writer Shiraz Ahmed's job is surely commendable as even the dialogues, especially Salman's when he says - "jab main ek baar commitment kar deta hu toh uske baad main apne-aap ki bhi nahi sunta" (which is also the concluding line of the film), and the ones delivered by Vinod Khanna before he's shot by the "Gunda" in the film ,are extremely well constructed..

i couldn't believe that the guy who seemed to be so shy whenever he was asked to comment on a performance or give some suggestions or even introduce a guest on the small screen when i saw him judging the popular show "Boogie-Woogie" can be such a good director! Bravo to him and to the crew!


Sonia said...

Yup! Good on Prabhu Deva's part to direct such a film :)I also agree with you about how entertainment can be beyond logic.

But, to be honest - I think your taste has changed a lot in the new family. This is not what we used to call 'apne type ki' film. I took your recommendation and saw half of it, it's kind of funny and I like Salman too...but, our taste used to be something which had no space for dhishum dhishum stuff. It's an action comedy, but since when did you started liking violent/action films?? (even if it was comic)?

Akash said...

Dear ~SnEhA~

Thanks for movie analysis....I would love to see "Wanted" on Deepawali during my Holidays in India.

We had memorable "Kumar Sanu Nite" here on 1st October...I did the opening of the show welcoming the group & Saraswati Vandana.

Thanks to you too...I picked up some good tips from your narration in Pachmarhi Video....!!

Keep it up....!

~S n E h A~ said...

@ Sonia - i still enjoyed for a change cuz the action was complemented by ample comedy it was kinda balanced by tht..