Monday, May 14, 2007

Shaadi ka laddoo

No no, am not talking about the phrase..what I mean here is the literal thing…the laddoo-pedas that u eat or rather willingly or unwillingly overeat in marriages..ufff! those jijajis and phuphajis…those kaki-mamis…this is the only time in the year when u hate them so much! Isn’t it? Am talking about the marriages in which you are the ‘atithi’ or the guests, which in Indian culture are equivalent to God (?)…probably this is the reason why they do or rather overdo the traditional ‘atithi-satkar’, the grand Indian hosting tradition.

God is great. He is infinite. But we poor souls have a finite body wherein resides a finite stomach which is capable of digesting finite number of things. This simple rule, if not followed may lead to infinite exigencies! Why in the world is this so difficult for them to understand? ‘Bas ek aur’, ‘arre aapne to kuch khaya hi nahi!’, ‘ek laddoo mere haath se please’…oh c’mmon give me a break! They grab any food item that is around, stuff your mouth mercilessly with it and make you gulp the entire thing in the ‘marriage dustbin’ (oh I forgot, it’s also called stomach haan).

The only genuine smiles that you see on such marriages are of the everyone suffers from an artificiality syndrome. They carry smiles which are so pretentious, it would give a complex to our highly pretentious netas..and why not, after so much of over-eating what else can they do?? So, now whenever I attend a marriage ceremony, I always carry a bottle of hajmola or for the ‘things-are-getting-worse’ situations, I carry pudin-hara. Once bitten twice shy!

Tell you what, this blog thing is a really nice concept..nice place to unburden all the frustrations and, ok, the good experiences as well. But this being my biggest pet peeve, I am beginning my blog with this one ‘shaadi ka laddoo’, which everyone of us have to eat once, no matter we eat the bigger laddoo of marriage or not!


Unknown said...

It is a system wherein now a days nobody bothers who is eating what!there is no time for forcing anybody for anything.It is upto you to have your own choice.

Parents are at the entrance and others are enjoying with their friends!

But I agree with you that now a days such receptions are becoming a prestige issue and real love for 'Atithi' is missing.
But again it is not always happening.It is the catagory of friends with whom you are attached to! So do not bother ! Act as per your choice.Afterall ,thank God,it is in your control.

~S n E h A~ said...
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Sonia said...

arey receptions me to phir bhi halat badhia hai....sab apni marzi par depend karta hai...par jo rishtedar baki ki ceremonies me ghar par dhamak jate hain unka kya??? wo to kisi k pyo ki nahi sunte...thoos thoos k khilate hain...i've suffered it!