Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The movie had me all seated in an almost jam-packed theater in PVR yesterday for it had my sightly Salman laughing, frolicking and driving everyone crazy with his signature style on the big screen..and after Wanted, i guess the fans would promise yet again to be faithful to him as long as their Salman-hungry appetite are appeased this way.

Well, apart from Salman the movie had a plot similar to what each one of us might have experienced or might be experiencing at least once..may be not of as huge a magnitude as that, but we'll have it or have had it already to our lives.

Arjun has a dream and believes that God is eliminating the barriers between him and his goal, signaling His special blessing on him. While Arjun (Ajay Devgan) believes that he's destined to succeed and sees a crazy crowd cheering him on in his dreams , he seems to have misread God's omen and unknowingly writes the success story of his friend "Mannu" (Salman) instead, on the pages of history in place of himself where he duly deserves to be present as the protagonist. He sees the morning of his success but not without Mannu's silhouette rising in the way of him and the rising sun and to add more agony to his life, loses his lady love too to his friend. Frustrated, he 's hell-bent to see Mannu out of his way but fails to do so. By the time he realises what he's done, Mannu is already a star.

The movie entertained us but more than that, it indicated in its own small way, the biggest truth of mankind we need to be reminded of again - Even God surrenders before what He has written Himself for us - the blueprint of Destiny!

Food for thought - What if u were at Arjun's place? Would you have reacted deviously in the same way as him? or would have chosen to become a silent spectator of the strange game of destiny? Think over it.


Sonia said...

Interesting question. If I was in Arjun's place I would have felt equally sad. But I wouldn't punish myself with a leather belt !? I wouldn't wait for success to tell my lady that I love her. I would precisely share my dreams with my best friend so that he knows what exactly I want - perhaps then he would not accidentally mimic my dream and be ware that I'm craving for that stardom. If I were Arjun I would take Mannu as my coach and not a co-performer. Perhaps that would keep me away from the feeling of competition and also improve my work ;-) Practical honest answer.

Akas said...

London Dream has gathered mixed reacions....!

With your analysis...it is prompting to watch movie....!

~S n E h A~ said...
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~S n E h A~ said...

@ Akash - it's worth watching once, specially if ur a Salman fan!

~S n E h A~ said...

@ Sonia - what you said is a clever approach..but most of us tend to behave negatively when put under such trying situations..we take things very casually without considering its long-term consequences..and sometimes things are just beyond our comprehensions...we juz can't help it..

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Sneha m also salman fan...Issliye maine AJAB PREM KI GAJAB KAHANI dekhi... funndoo movie.. zaroor dekhna :)