Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beware or you might fall!

Life makes us encounter many crossroads, all bevy with carrots dangling to attract the traveller. And overloaded with extreme emotions, we might choose the wrong way. But there's a saviour, a solution which disentangles the confusion of choosing the right path.. and that according to me is BALANCE. It is what we lose to gain nothing and what we gain to lose nothing..We all are leading our lives in different ways but one thing is shaping our lives consistently in a particularly distructive manner; and that is IMBALANCE..

We all must strive to maintain an equilibrium..because it is actually the elixir of our lives, the guru-mantra for dematerialising all our pains..

Some, like my husband Sanskar, have it by birth...he has the capability to keep his cool in even extreme situations and doesn't let the situation hang his head in sorrow...I am learning this art from most of the time in life we need to shed our egos, deal with our anger and project a calm and composed self to the society..It's bad to lose our temper and suffer drastic consequences. .It's better to deal with it and choose a greener life instead..


Sonia said...

Yes, it's good to be balanced. But I think in the creative industry, we need to experience some imbalances to write/draw/film about. I don't think emotionally balanced artists can capture some extreme emotions in their art....we need to feel something to make something (artistically)

So we can learn to overlook certain details that make us unhappy....but it's good to keep the emotions in general. That's our asset, our exclusiveness. That's what makes you a loving sis.

mphpt07 said...

I fully agree with your views and also happy that you are moving in right direction.

In this world nobody is perfect,but we can learn something from others who are following good practices and also from those who suffered due to bad practices.

Life is full of various combinations of many such things and to maintain balance is not that easy though not impossible.

From my own experiences ,I feel that while prioritising our goals ,one should not neglect other responsibilities.

When I look back and think of correcting myself in those weaker areas,I feel disturbed as at my age it is not that easy.

But then I agree with you that Equlibrium is elixir of our life!

~S n E h A~ said...

@ sonia - ya but then ur extreme emotions can be balanced out with your creative's anytime a better option than to keep urself bottled-up with poisonous thoughts..

Akash Verma said...

Dear Sneha,

Nice be balanced...! However, a comprehensive balance is the resultant of many unbalances that preceeded in the past.

I feel creativity is inversely proportional to the balanced personalities.....there has to be an unbalance inside oneself to emerge out with innovations......!

NeverTheLess......Great Newton, Gallilio, Eienstein, Shakepeare, Leonardo Da on...all these souls were not known for thier balanced attitudes......! You would have noted many stories about thier erratic behaviours at times.

I like the way you touch various facets of ife in your own way...i can see that many humanes like you have big potential ,however only few are able to recongnize their talents.....!

keep it up.....



~S n E h A~ said...

hi akash!!

pardon me, but Eienstien, Shakespear and such like-minded people were highly balanced individuals!!

Eienstien himself stated once that
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”..and it was this attitude of his of always being on the move to keep his BALANCE working, that made him what he's known for..