Friday, May 15, 2009

यू लगा कि जैसे सर के बल खड़े होकर दुनिया देख रही हू...इतने दिनों से जो तेज़ धूप ने कमरे की खिड़कियाँ बंद करने को मजबूर कर रखा था आज उसी धूप ने मानो दुनिया देखने का नजरिया बदलने की ठान रखी हो...सूखी ज़मीं पर बूंदे पहले भी गिरी है, मगर आज बूंदे गिरते ही ज़मीं नहीं मुस्कुरायी...पहले एक, फिर दो, फिर कई सारी बूंदों ने मिलकर ज़मीं को मनाने कि बहुत कोशिश की..पर ज़मीन थी की मुस्कुराई तक नहीं...शायद इस बार तेज़ धूप ने जो तबाही मचाई थी, उन चंद बूंदों की मनुहार से धरती कहाँ मानने वाली थी....धूप भी क्या करती, उपर से आये हुक्म की तामील जो करनी थी...

वो खुशबू आज भी मन में समाई है, जो पहली बारीश की बूंदे मेरे कमरे की खिड़की पर दस्तक देकर बिखेर जाती थी....फिर मानो इशारे से छत पर बुलाया करती ...माँ की रसोई के लिए बिखरे पापड़ जो छत पर सूखा करते थे, वो तक जलने के बजाय, भीगना ज्यादा पसंद करते ...इसीलिए मैं उन्हें समेटती नहीं... युही रखे रहने देती...माँ जल्दी-जल्दी सीढियां चढ़ती, चिल्लाते हुए की "अरे पापड़ समेटे या नहीं?? कपडे फिर गीले हो जाएँगे...सब समेट कर नीचे ले "...नीचे तोः मैं ले आती सब समेट कर, मगर उस समेटे हुए सामान में, पहली बारिश की ख़ुशी और माँ की प्यारी सी डांट को मानने की शरारत छुपी होती थी...

आज माँ से फ़ोन पर बात करुँगी, कहूँगी की माँ मैं जल्दी तुझसे मिलने आउंगी, तोः शायद प्यासी धरती मान जाये और फिर उसी खुश्बू के साथ सबको महका दे....


mphpt07 said...

I liked your blog describing those moments.It reminded me my childhood which was slightly shifted to struggleful life! Making papad for whole family including four sisters and drying them on roof of tin shed in itching sunlight ,burning small fingers and feet.

But then you are right in pointing out mother's presence gave a cool feeling even in those summer days.I miss her!

These memories are your asset and precurser of happy living in odd days.

Do write such blogs.I like it.You have a talent of describing occassions in a immemorable manner!God has gifted you this quality!

~S n E h A~ said...


Sonia said...

very well written! it's a good blend of personal experience and fiction.

Amish Vajpayee said...

Hi Sneha,

It was a delight to discover this blog of yours, pretty neat stuff you have posted here.

I have a faint memory of you at IIPS Indore. Dunno if you remember me or not. I consider myself pretty observant, how I failed to spot this writing talent in you.
Congratulations again on a beautiful blog.
I will try to read all the post one by one.

~S n E h A~ said...

hi Amish!

ya i do rem u n in fact all of our batch mates..i was there for too short a period to have let anyone know me or vice-versa..n oh! u reminded me of a wrong decision i made at tht point of time to pursue MBA in spite of clearly knowing that it's somewhere else i ought to be.. but here i am (thankfully) at the right place doing just the right things i always wanted to do..lights, camera and action!..:)

Anonymous said...

Accidently I hit on your blog ,it is so very nice to read the feeling of a girl with sensitivity and intelligence. keep your self alive with your writing and feelings they are so very natural and touching.
one can feel the begining of life in you. it is like the begining of great river to come

Akash Verma said...

Hi Sneha....!!

Mrs. SSS.....awesome efforts...i am a regular blogger on AB's blog and got your URL...from there....out of curiosity....I opened your blog and went through various is wonderful....aesthetically designed....and honest expressions in every seems to be a very creative by nature....! all the pictures are very professional kinda things.... I am a mechanical engineer by profession and a 43 year male....!

Keep your efforts have sweet family..!!

All the luck to you...!!


~S n E h A~ said...

@ Mr. Anonymous..

thanks a ton buddy for such wonderful words of appreciation...m honoured!

~S n E h A~ said...
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~S n E h A~ said...
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~S n E h A~ said...

@ Mr. Akash

thank you sir..nice meeting u virtually..:)

even i am a regular on AB's blog..he's a great inspiration for all of us...

Anonymous said...

It was nice to read you response. When you write about balance and imbalance in clear manner, it gives the clarity of your mind.
we all can talk big and sense but realize what you are doing and why with clarity makes you different than others.
The emotions are part of our lives anger sorrow happiness but to feel those moments is wonderful.
That makes you what you are??
Sum of all those emotions and feelings.
have happy and fruit full day

Bunty !! said...

good stuff.. am sure you would still remember me....i quite liked your blog. am yet2go through all of it..
shall post more comments.

remember ""dukkad car""


~S n E h A~ said...

hey hi Shailesh!!

ya of course i have you been?? n u know what i still drive that "dukkad car"..haha.n i love it..:)