Friday, September 28, 2007

Anhoni ho gayi honi aur world cup jeet gaya dhoni!

The evening saw a large number of youngsters, shouting patriotic slogans like “Vande Mataram”, “Bharat Mata Ki Jay” etc. The roads were blocked, police vans blared sirens and the hooligans fully utilized this exciting situation by doing their usual stuff of ‘hanging around’ in their patent style.

But this isn’t a freedom struggle or the scene of some Doordarshan documentary film. This was ‘LIVE’ – just like a freshly-cooked meal of ‘LIVE’ news by 24 hour news channels. Only this was actually ‘LIVE’.

This was the scene of streets, crowded with overwhelmed cricket-buffs, when India saw its win in the T20 World Cup by beating Pakistan by 5 runs in Johannesburg. I came to know this only when I heard the neighbour’s children burn crackers and scream in sheer excitement.

I was happy too, for we won a World Cup. But more than that I was happy the tournament was over. Phew! I got a glimpse of my favorite serial only after convincing my cousin that Katrina Kaif will be playing a cameo in it. He wasn’t ready to believe that Katrina has taken to TV. But clever me! I said she does a special appearance in the program n will be there for only a minute or two. And I got him..:) But then I knew every time I will have to think of some new trick to get the remote control in my hands. So, good that this Twenty-Twenty is over. Now it should return only in the year 2020.

I am ready to field the tomatoes!

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